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NRA Certified Instructor

The concept for Free State Militia Firearms came from a realization, during a conversation amongst friends that quality service and competitive pricing were lacking throughout the firearms industry. And what started out as a project to find a more efficient and cheaper avenue for purchasing personal firearms, soon became the launch of a new company.  

Our mission at Free State Militia Firearms is to offer firearm related products and services that will meet or exceed the customers hope and expectations.  

We work with numerous different wholesalers that distribute firearms and related products. By comparing prices amongst wholesalers we are able to shop for the best price possible, and pass that saving on to the customer. Our philosophy is that if we don’t want to pay retail prices for our firearms, then we couldn’t ask that of our customers.  

At Free State Militia Firearms we also offer firearms transfer service, and consignment sales. If you have a gun to sell, or need to have a firearm transfer from another seller we are more than happy to help.  

The firearms industry is seeing a boom like never before. Customers who have never so much as held a gun are finding a notion to make their first purchase. Families are re-connecting through the shooting sports. And women are quickly becoming the new wave of gun owners. For the first-time shooter, firearms can be very intimidating. At Free State Militia Firearms we have NRA Certified Instructors that are able to offer firearms safety, and personal safety instruction. Either in a small group or a one-on-one setting our instructors seek to make the experience of owning and operating a firearm a safe and pleasurable one. Please take a moment to review the courses that we offer and see if there is one that is right for you.  

We also currently offer the “I Love Guns & Coffee” brand merchandise. This whimsical play on the brand of a well known coffee manufacture always seems to grab attention. Soon, we hope to be able to offer some other great brands that will be sure to please. Please visit our online store to view the many different items we offer.

Gun Safety
What we hope to see in our future

This past year has been so exciting, that words can’t express how satisfied we are. For our first year in business, and with very little marketing we managed to do, what we consider to be very good business. We are using this excitement and motivation to drive ourselves to continue to grow. Some new and exciting things are in the works already, and other “Grand Plans” seem to be more feasible in a not so distant future. We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring! Currently we are working on plans to try to open a public shooting range in Calvert County. While we have not been able to pursue this venture as vigorously as we wanted to this year, due to the unexpected flood of business, we will be refocusing on this issue. This is a project that is desperately needed, and one that we really want to see happen. We will be posting any major updates here on our website. We are also currently looking at a couple of new and different clothing brands. Keep checking our online store, as we hope to be offering them soon. We thank you for taking the time to look us up, and look forward to doing business with you soon. Thanks for your support!! Free State Militia Firearms
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