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New & Used Firearms Sales
     At Free State Militia Firearms we offer sales of new firearms, as well as some used firearms. We are constantly working toFirearms build our in house inventory. However, if there is a firearm that you want and we donít have it, we will do our very best to get it for you. And as always, at the best price possible. From time to time, customers stop in with used firearms that they no longer have a need for. We will sometimes offer to purchase the firearm from the customer, or offer to sell the firearm for them, on a consignment basis. Some of our inventory can be found on the website store page.

Firearms Transfers
     We can also accommodate firearms transfers. Typical transfer fees are as follows:
          - Long Guns - $40 (Transfer Fee)
          - Handguns - $40 (Transfer Fee)

     The following fees apply to Handguns and other MD State Regulated Firearms
          -MD Background Check - $10
          -MD State Approved Gun Lock - $20
          -Fired Shell Casing - $10
    (Some handguns come with a shell casing. In this case we will not charge for the shell casing.)

Gunsmith Services
    Free State Militia Firearms has built a strong working relationship with Lord Calvert Firearms for almost all gunsmith work. Ken Hall of Lord Calvert Firearms offers gunsmith work on almost any type of firearm. Ken also conducts formal appraisals, and valuations of firearms. Please visit Lord Calvert Firearmsí website at
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